Take your school
to a brand-new level

Edvibe’s unequaled functionality will help you be on par with the world’s largest language schools
Get a higher LTV
Increase average check
Monitor teachers' NPS

Build an ecosystem of educational products

Everything you need to make the learning process
fascinating and effective

online classes

Group and personal online classes, with videoconferencing and real-time content.

Asynchronous Online Courses

Customizable study modes. Learning process automation.
With Edvibe, we could establish an ecosystem for online and offline learning—and eventually reduce customer acquisition costs and boost the LTV
We in WhiteRabbit had long been thinking about integrating some interactive learning features. And we found Edvibe a perfect solution that offers an advantageous bunch of exercises and functions.
It’s all simple, both for students and tutors. No doubt, learning goes great when accompanied by such fancy features.
Stas Kravtsov
Co-Founder, Space Deer Antischool
Alyona and Svetlana

Your students
will love learning

Edvibe comes with an extremely intuitive interface that even a child could handle.
Edvibe turns ordinary lessons into a captivating experience

Interactive learning

A student can access learning materials, home assignments, and vocabulary in their account

Everything you need, in one place

Highlight a word to see a translation
Personal dictionary
with stats
Gamified vocabulary drill

Administrative account
for workflow management

Everything is
under your control
Students, tutors, learning materials, schedule, and users’ lesson balances.
Manage your students’ progress, attendance, and satisfaction
Student progress control
You can always access up-to-date school load information
Performance monitoring
You can promptly track your employees’ performance and hours worked
Salary statements and management

exercise builder

Over 30 exercise templates for you to create exciting interactive online lessons
Over 30 exercises for you to create exciting interactive online classes

material builder

Notes and Info
PDF integration
Аnd many more interactive templates for your amusing lessons
Learning Apps integration
WordWall integration
Miro integration
Voice recording
Ordering sentences
Sorting the words
Building sentences from wo
Matching word and picture
Filling in the gaps
Audio playback
Essay and translation
Test with answers
Dragging words to gaps
Videos from YouTube
Images and GIFs
from students
Every student can pay for your services in their personal account
White Label
for your business
Integrate our platform into your website and replace the Edvibe logo with your brand’s logo

is available on all devices

The platform will automatically adapt to your smartphone or tablet to ensure a seamless experience

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